Fail to install Bahmni 0.92 on CentOS 7.7

I can’t find any solution or related post to my problem. Can anybody kindly help me to understand what is happening and maybe solve this. Thanks in advance.

Can you please give some more details as to which RPM you are using?

Going through the logs, looks like i see that you have mysql-community-server-5.7.31 installed which is conflicting with 5.7.30 that comes with default with bahmni installer. Can you delete mysql 5.7.31 and try installing the installer again? Thanks

I was trying to install Bahmni 0.92 in CentOs 7.7 with KDE desktop.

But after that, when I try to use 7.6 minimal, 7.8 minimal and even using 7.8 with GNOME this issue doesn’t appear at all. With 7.6 minimal and with 7.8 GNOME, I have to install beautifulsoup4 and run the Bahmni Installer again and works fine as is explain in other posts.

With some time I’m gonna test again (just for curious) if your suggestion (and thanks @buvaneswariarun for it) to delete mysql let me install Bahmni on CentOS with KDE.

Besides this, I will keep working on 7.8 minimal as my preferred option.