Eyeclinic India

Application Name: OpenMRS eyeclinic India.

Question: For an Indian eyeclinic, a medical record platform needs to be created. The platform should consist of 4 main modules:

  1. General patient information: MR number, personal information, systemic diseases,…
  2. Out-patient files: test results, diagnosis and recommended treatment.
  3. In-patient files: details of patient stay, surgery,…
  4. Patient overview: a summary of the patient’s history such as diagnoses and treatments (extracted from 2. and 3.), general patient information (extracted from 1.). Furthermore the plan is to rank the out- and in-patient files in 1. and 2. based on their dates.

Our team has basic html knowledge. Does anyone have any suggestions/tips on which modules to use or general suggestions about the feasibility of this plan?

Thanks in advance!

Did you get a chance to try out and evaluate the bahmni distribution of OpenMRS? https://www.bahmni.org/

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