*Extra* Bahmni PAT call 14-Mar-2018

Continuing the discussion from Bahmni PAT call 7-Mar-2018:

We are in the process of reviewing suggested Bahmni roadmap items, and last week we did quick initial reviews of 8 suggestions. You can see more details in the Trello tracker and in the call notes, but to summarize:

  • CentOS upgrade: Very High priority
  • OpenERP upgrade to Odoo: High priority
  • Ability to sync all orderables from EMR to ERP: High priority
  • Author discharge summary: High priority
  • Hub & Spoke: High priority (but requires resourcing)
  • Program Module - Misc Features: Medium priority
  • Implementer’s Interface - configure application, dashboard, and reports: Low priority
  • Containerization of Bahmni Using Docker: needs more detail

This Wednesday we will continue doing quick initial assessments of remaining suggested roadmap items in the trello tracker.

Call-in details

Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZbwefErwTyT75z37vQ6QxEURRnawRVQUBvQXoFTBDlU/edit?usp=sharing


  • Medicine Administration Record => Initial Assessment: High (presuming implementations wanting to use Bahmni in IPD)
  • Provider’s Schedule for Appointments => Initial Assessment: Medium (but could slot higher due to small size)
  • Flattened Analytics Database => Initial Assessment: Very High (implementation can start working on this and expect support on design and merging)
  • Integrated Workflows for Appointment Scheduling (Registration & Clinical) => Initial Assessment: Low/Medium (but could slot higher because of small size)
  • Queue Management => Initial Assessment: Low/Medium
  • Role Based Access for Dashboards => Initial Assessment: High (high value, low effort)
  • Role based access for reports => Initial Assessment: High (high value, low effort)

This week we will have a double length PAT call (2 hours instead of 1) to try to push through the rest of the suggested items. (You can find them here on trello.)