Extension points in new UI framework


On the design call last Wednesday, we decided to change the configure metadata page to list the possible management pages more like the main admin page in the legacy UI. In order to be able to group related tasks, it means each extension should be able to define multiple links for each management page or task under it but this doesn’t seem to be supported in the current app framework.

@darius or does anyone have any ideas on how to implement this via extension points?

Offhand I can think of a couple approaches:

  1. One extension point for “admin.groups”, another for “admin.links” where extensions on the second one are expected to have a property saying what group they are in
  2. An extension point for “admin.links” where extensions are expected to have properties like “groupKey”, “groupLabel” and “groupIcon” (and the first extension specifying a specific groupKey wins).

Thanks Darius, i am assuming the extra properties would be defined in the extension’s config, right? I hadn’t realized that the config was an ObjectNode which means it can constitute anything pretty much.

Sorry for my many postings, but am trying to understand how this would be like in the app and the extensions json, so you define the apps’ properties via the config field and the extension’s properties via the extensions’ params, right?

The other thing is that, since the page already existed in a released version of the reference application, if we are to change the behavior of the apps and extensions on it, i believe we need to send out a communication so that whoever had a module that attached itself to the extension does update their code.

How does this screenshot look?

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