Expanding / collapsing sections of observation templates in Bahmni 0.86


When using Bahmni 0.85 is there a way to control whether certain sections (ie nested concept sets) of an observation template are shown as collapsed when a user adds the template in the clinical module? At the moment all sections of all obs templates are expanded by default when they are added but it would be great if we could configure some to be collapsed so that it resembles the one in the image.

I saw that there was something like this in the patient attributes configuration (https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/14286874/Patient+Attributes?showComments=true&showCommentArea=true) so was wondering whether there is an analogous configuration for the clinical app: "The sections will be collapsed on the registration new patient page. If any of the sections needed to be expanded on opening the page, “expanded : true” should be specified in the section(see above config for example). "


You can check here on how to show/hide information. you can use form condition

@angshuonline thanks that looks like it would do the trick but there’s a comment at the bottom of the page you linked that suggests that the ability to show/hide using formcondition.js is available from version 0.90. Does it also work in 0.85 or 0.86 or was that feature implemented subsequently?

‘form conditions’ for conceptSetUI (or Forms 1.0) should be present in 0.86. In v0.90, we improved on it to pass the patient information to the function.


We want to implement a similar feature of show/hide section in v0.90, i’m wondering if it is possible to:

  1. Use collapse all sections on a form when a form is load ed or when the user click on the form?
  2. To show/hide the sections user based(depending on the user who is in the system)
  3. Add a sub-form on an observation form which is similar to the one registration form?

if it is possible kindly share anything that can be helpful to implement this.



  1. Not in Forms 1.0, but Forms 2.0 provides a form load event
  2. No.
  3. Sub-form can be simulated in Forms 1.0 - just including a conceptSet as member of another set. Forms 2.0, does not have sub-form feature. (We did think of linked-forms but not implemented yet)
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