Executing a Test Case on Reference Application

mentors can u include my name in the qa for test cases

@ajeymuthiah what do you mean

can you be more elaborate.

there is an gci task named executing test case reference so i need the mentors in the qa list so that i can contribute

hello ajeymuthiah :grinning: Kindly read the task description and see all the resource given in that task’s description. You do not need “any mentors in the qa list so that u can contribute” :slight_smile: or anything like that (by the way, i don’t what do u mean about that :grinning: ) Just see the resources, if it comes to your mind that how to do it then just claim the task and do it and submit it :slight_smile: . Also read submission steps in the task description :smiley: All the best for your task :slight_smile:

Hii @ajeymuthiah, you don’t need to be a qa team member to execute a Test Case, just go through these steps and you are good to go. Here’s a video which better elaborates the proccess (But since the video is old, some things have changed since then).

All the best for the task :wink:

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thanks broooo

Mentors plz approve my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/4790684884664320/