Exceptions on importing openmrs-core to eclipse

This is what have done.

  1. Cloned openmrs-core from github
  2. Fetched all the latest changes from upstream
  3. Applied mvn clean install and all the tests passed
  4. Imported the code base as existing maven project into eclipse :

If you run it first like you said and you mvn clean instal and successfull, then you are free to go a head with your work, you got no problem. unless u can share the exception error logs

Within openmrs-api module, two files: config-1.5.dtd and config-1.6.dtd seem to have issues. The files are located in src/main/resources/org/openmrs/module/dtd/

Document type definitions(DTD) some times bring errors happen , did you run it first and all was success.

Here is the output of mvn clean install

Great never mind about DocumentTypeDefinitions(DTD) as per now all is well , continue and create PR. The travis ci will judge or guide from there.

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