Error with Rest Service wilt saving bills more than once

While trying to save a bill more than once it gives me this error do you kow how can I resolve this issue ?

thank you

@ibewes and his team can probably help you with this error.

Hi @tiless12,

Thanks for the heads up, we are checking the same. And will get back to you.

Thanks Jeremy,

ok thank you

@tiless12 - What version of openmrs 2.x modules are you using? Also which version of the openhmis modules are you using?

Yes @whiscard I’m using the 2.3.1 modules

ok thanks @tiless12 and which version of the openhmis modules are you using i.e

OpenHMIS Inventory Module OpenHMIS Cashier Module OpenHMIS Backbone Forms OpenHMIS Commons Module

Best place to check the above would be on this admin page

Thanks @tiless12

Hi @tiless12 - We’ve identified and fixed the issue. We will be releasing an update soon.

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Great @whiscard just let me know as soon as you release the update :+1:

One more thing I’m unable to Update a existing Item @whiscard

@tiless12 - Are you getting an error when you try to update? Kindly share a screenshot.

I’ll send it to you later

Hi @tiless12, please grab a copy of all the newly released openhmis modules i.e. openhmis.backboneforms openhmis.cashier openhmis.commons
openhmis.inventory from Issue should have been resolved. Kindly update in case you ran into anything else.


thank you @whiscard every update seems to be ok now later I will dig further on the case