Error while saving Nutritional Values

limit near line 1, column 261 [select obs from org.openmrs.Obs as obs, org.openmrs.ConceptName as cn where obs.person.uuid = :patientUuid and cn.concept = obs.concept.conceptId and = :conceptName and obs.voided = false and obs.obsDatetime <= :till order by obs.obsDatetime desc limit 1]]

  • have reduced some entries in the Patient registration and added a few custom ones. While entering Nutritional Values we are getting this error,

Thanks for any help, Ashok

Seems related to feeInformation which is not required and taken out of extension.json. Any cleaner way to hide it that I am missing?


Can you please share the changes made to json configuration and also elaborate on the intent behind for us to understand better.

Thank you

Sorry for the late response @sdeepak. I managed to correct the issue - got rid of the feeInformation (as I had wanted) as well as over the error. Not sure what sequence I followed since I tried it mostly on my vagrant install over a few retries. So now it is difficult to reproduce. I will repost in case I can replicate the issue again so for now please close this post,

Thank you, Ashok