Error while running "openmrs-sdk:watch"

Hello everyone, I’m trying to perform some changes in UI of find patient record. After changing the code I want to see the changes in the UI, for that run "mvn openmrs-sdk:watch’’ but it does not work as expected. Here is log:

Did you run the command as administrator? If you don’t get the expected results even after running it as administrator, you could execute mvn clean install from your openmrs-module-coreapps directory . Once the build is successful, you can copy the omod from openmrs-module-coreapps\omod\target and paste it under modules folder of your server and start it to see the changes.

Currently I’m using second option you mention which is building a module and copying that in module folder and restart server. But problem with this solution is I have wait around 20 min to see the changes in the UI (5 min for building module and 15 min for the server restart). Do you have any other efficient way for this??

You can also do it using UI . After logging in go to System Administration->Advanced Administration->Manage modules and upload the coreapps omod having the required changes.

In this process, whenever I load or unload the module, server get restarted, which takes time.

you don’t have to restart the server if you are doing it through the UI

NOTE: Adding, removing, or starting modules will restart OpenMRS, meaning that all scheduled tasks and background processes will be interrupted.

It automatic restart

Are you using SDK or the standalone version? I heard that the standalone version starts up faster.

I’m using SDK, cause I did some changes in openmrs core, which I need for the project

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