error while running 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT server

Am trying to reproduce the bug on this issue with 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT core ,i was able to set up the a platform 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT server using mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=platform -Dplatform=2.4.0-SNAPSHOT but i get this error when i try run the server. Basing on the error this could be because of the recent spring upgrade

@dkayiwa @ibacher kindly advise on this

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This seems to be as a result of Spring upgrade to 5. it seems the Joda-Time 2.x dependence can be found at compile time , but not found at run-time.

I think we need to explicitly add the Joda-Time dependence

@gcliff pull the latest changes in openmrs-core, run mvn clean install, and then run the openmrs-sdk:setup again.

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@gcliff ,you can add the -U tag to force update

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@dkayiwa i did the mvn clean install -U after pulling the latest changes from upstream with a git pull --rebase upstream master ,then deployed the openmrs.war file into the server i had created and on running the server with mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=platform i get this error .

cc @mozzy

Error creating bean with name 'sessionFactory': FactoryBean which is currently in creation returned null from getObject. HSEARCH000103: Unable to initialize IndexManager named 'org.openmrs.ConceptName'

Could not load codec 'Lucene410'.  Did you forget to add lucene-backward-codecs.jar

I tried to trace the cause of the error , Spring can not create the different beans , because Hibernate sessionFactory can not be created as a result of Hibernate search Exception ,which is caused by a problem with the Lucene Library.

we need to add the lucene-backward-codecs.jar

You will not get this problem if you simply follow the instructions that i gave you.

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