Error while registering a patient

I Was trying to register a patient in the parent instance and I got this error

And also got the same error while trying to register a patient in the child instance

This is the error on the client side

@mozzy , @dkayiwa could you please look at this.

Something unusual is happening. As I try to register a patient, I go through all the steps very well but on confirming registration, I get this error on the client side, When I click to return, I get a notification that the patient has been successfully created, which is kinda weird, and surely when I search for the patient I find them. so what could be the cause of the error. I have already posted the server side errors above.

cc @dkayiwa , @mozzy @tendomart

@irenyak1 its also appear when to you find patient and click on him, on the patient page. But restarting all modules solved this for me.

Thanks @vankineenitawrun actually when I checked, the Appointment Scheduling UI Module had not been started so I started it and now it is working fine. Thanks.:):grinning:

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