Error while installing PIH distribution on SDK server

On trying to install the PIH distribution, I’m encountering the following error on the UI page -

I followed the steps as mentioned in read-me : (till step 5)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this part of your GSoC work?

@ball suggested that I could add the data export functionality to PIH EMR(openmrs-module-mirebalaisreports) and latter it would be easy to add this implementation to RefApp as currently there is no functionality for reports in RefApp

Are you done with condition lists in the reference application?

Yes to a larger extent. Most of the features have been implemented and bugs have been fixed.

Tasks completed:

  • Enabling saving of a condition
  • Enabling selection from past dates
  • Removing the history of feature
  • Displaying end dates for inactive conditions
  • Adding labels
  • Implementation of edit conditions functionality
  • Validation of end date while saving conditions
  • Implementation of confirmation pop up while deleting a condition.

Other tasks under the project included -

  1. EncounterTransaction to include conditions during save - which has been deprioritized
  2. Data export functionality - for which it was suggested that I build it for PIH EMR from where it can be implemented for RefApp.

Extra credit:

  1. Upgrade FontAwesome from 3.x to latest(5+) - I am simultaneously working on this. I am finding trouble spotting from where font-awesome 3 is being loaded into modules. I am exploring the css files and the files being imported into gsp’s for some hint but I didn’t find a lead yet. So far I explored coreapps, uicommons , referenceapplication, appui and uiframework modules to figure out if fontawesome was being loaded from there.
  2. Translation into other languages

Just to cross check. Are all the sub tickets of this done?

Thank you for drawing my attention towards this link. I had been referring to the objective written in my timeline and it seems like I missed a few of these tickets. I will be completing these as soon as possible.

Are there any suggestion that you would like to make regarding the project which can be implemented?

I will give them after those tickets are completed. :slight_smile:

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@dkayiwa completed the tickets under RA-209. What should I be doing next?

I have put some comments for you on github.

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@haripriya are you done with my github comments such that i point you to the next steps?

When I made the changes and pushed End date validation PR, the changes of other PR’s also got merged along with it. I will soon complete this and report to you.

@dkayiwa after updating the master, I have been encountering a few issues with the End date validation PR which didn’t arise previously. I will report to you once this gets fixed.

@dkayiwa I addressed all the comments on github. What should I be doing next?

I put more comments for you on github.

  • Cloned git clone in a folder on desktop.

  • Executed mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=pihServer -Ddistro=org.openmrs.module:mirebalais:1.2-SNAPSHOT with following configuration Port: 8080 (default) , Database: Mysql 5.6 , Database uri : ‘jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/@DBNAME@’ (default), JDK : jdk1.8.0_201

  • Copied configuration folder from C:\Users\hp\Desktop\Reports\mirebalais-puppet\mirebalais-modules\openmrs\files\app-data-config\mexico and pasted it in C:\Users\hp\openmrs\pihServer

  • Executed the command : mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=pihServer and Added pih.config=mirebalais,mirebalais-humci and pih.config.dir=C:\Users\hp\Desktop\Reports\mirebalais-puppet\mirebalais-modules\openmrs\files\config to files in C:\Users\hp\openmrs\pihServer

  • Executed the command : mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=pihServer

  • Entered the following url on browser - http://localhost:8080/openmrs/login.htm and the error popped up

Instructions for building a dev environment for PIH EMR:

Error on browser:

server side error :

@haripriya I reviewed your post and it appears that you are close. Thanks for your hard work and clear question.

This is for Mexico, and I don’t normally do this step. Maybe @bistenes added this for Mexico. Please remove this configuration folder.

  • Copied configuration folder from C:\Users\hp\Desktop\Reports\mirebalais-puppet\mirebalais-modules\openmrs\files\app-data-config\mexico and pasted it in C:\Users\hp\openmrs\pihServer

The error says that it’s not finding the config for mirebalais (which is Haiti, not Mexico):

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to find config file for configuration mirebalais

Steps to fix:

  • remove C:\Users\hp\openmrs\pihServer\mexico
  • mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy -DserverId=pihServer -Ddistro=api/src/main/resources/
  • mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=pihServer

With pih.config and pih.config.dir set properly, it should work.

I removed the configuration folder from C:\Users\hp\openmrs\pihServer that I pasted previously and ran the following command - mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy -DserverId=pihServer -Ddistro=api/src/main/resources/ ,I’m getting a build error - . Is there something that I’m missing.?

Which version of Java are you using? We use Java 8.

Are you watching any modules?


So am I using Java 8. I’m not watching any modules