error while installing openmrs

If I got you right, it’s platform 2.2.0 . Is that what you mean?

yes. now what where are getting the modules to deploy there ?? i mean do you actualy copy and paste there reff app modules ??

I deploy the .raw entreprise file, of the platform 2.2.0 that I get from the website into tomcat. After setting up openmrs, I copy the reference addons modules and owa to the /appdata/openmrs/modules + owa folders. I restart tomcat and I get errors. That’s how I do it

Now , the module distribution your copying may not necesarily run on platfrom 2.2.

why dont you simply just use the sdk to set up a server with the right modules or run the standalone.

what is the exact use case for all this ?? Like what are are you aiming at ??

I want to use openmrs for storing patients data and then generating and customizing reports.

The first problem I got was that I was not able to get any data at all! (however I tried with both standalone and platfrom .raw versions. In standalone I used the setting “referencedemodataonnextstartup” but it doesn’t generate anything. And in platform for entreprise version I used the demodata.sql but it didn’t work.)

That is what happened before I get this second problem which I’m trying to solve currently.

Did you set a number to that config , and restarted the server ?

of course I did. It didn’t work though. I tell that there was no data because when I see the patients list there is non entry.

You said that

, but after getting this second problem I was able to have a user interface ( I mean it worked before)

can you stop the server ,delete the catche files and restart again ?

or probably can you try a standalone and we investigate instead why demo data was nit getting added ?? that seems more easier

you mean cache files of my web browser?

both browser and in the openmrs server folder

will I be able to generate reports and customize them if I use the standalone? (after I get data of course) Because I have no idea about limits of use of the standalone. I see that it’s a full ready package.

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You can do every thing you want. it may only be limited to the number of patients to work with , its just not good for patiebts above 10,000.

It is a great way to evaluate and explore OpenMRS,

I got it. I actually don’t need that large number so I guess standalone will fit.

By the way, I deleted browser cache, logs of tomcat and cache in openmrs and this is what I got !

I guess it’s working now. Are these alerts an important error? I think all modules can’t be started :confused:

was that a platform or reference application?? did you just copy and paste the modules there ??

it’s the platform .raw . And I copied legacyui.omod in appdata/openmrs/modules

Better if you just download a whole package of reference application standalone ,with the modules in there and just run it. Other wise when you just add modules your self, you may get version mismatch

let me have a look at the details of that error ?? or go to the modules list under administrationpage ,and i have a look

for your use case , you may want to use the reff app. so better if you just download a full standalone for reference application

I gave up on trying with the standalone because of the data problem :confused: otherwise I would have worked with it

the error of “modules not starting” you mean?