error while installing openmrs

Hello, I installed openmrs before and it was successful. I had problems getting patient’s data from the demo data I added. Nothing shows. I was trying to solve that problem so I deleted that version and tried to install a fresh one. But this time, the installation fails and I get this error after copying modules and owa files in the correspondant folders. Help please

Which version of Java are you running?

i’m running java 8

And which version of tomcat?

tomcatstack 8.5.43, got it from bitnami website

Can you cross check to confirm that your tomcat is actually pointing to Java 8? You could be having multiple versions of Java and have it pointing to another one.

can you please tell me how can I do the check?

Do you mind starting by googling :slight_smile:

Sorry, have been working on openmrs issues for days and I didn’t have the reflection to google this. Sure I will!

Tomcat has JVM version 11.0.3+7 But on my laptop I only have java 8

@amenikh Which os are using on your machine?

@amenikh I meant the operating system(os) that you are using. Is it Windows os , linux os or MacOs

I can’t focus anymore, sorry! Windows 8 :sweat_smile:

@mozzy here it is

@amenikh how are you exactly doing the installation ?? sdk , Standalone, or enteprise installtion ??

installation for openmrs on windows 8 using bitnami tomcatstack 8 and java 8. The version was a .raw entreprise file and I used the reference addons for the user interface.

Now did you delete every thing with the previous installtion …ie runtime properties files , etc ??

Yes, everything related to that

my tomcat is using java VM 11, my laptop java 8. Should I install java 11? Will that fix the problem maybe? (however in the previous installations I had these same versions and openmrs was working normally)

what version of openmrs core are you running?