error while creating provider for appointment scheduling


I am having the following error while creating provider (user) for appointment scheduling,

Would highly appreciate your help.

What are the steps (where and how) did you take to create a provider?

I can create a provider in demo (

  • created a person
  • admin => manage provider => add provider
  • then selected the person I created above, marked the attribute “available for appointments” and saved

Hi Angshuman,

Thank you for your reply. Yes followed the steps you mentioned to create a provider in both my local instance and in demo. In demo, it works fine but in my instance and I found one error while creating a person/user in openmrs. I think because of this error, the provider is not listed in the provider list.

No idea! Some foo with legacy UI I am guessing. The error shows this line number where the “userId” is fetched from request parameters and just trying to a Integer parse. I am guessing that either the “userId” parameter is not passed or not a valid integer. You can check what values the form is submitting and what request parameters are being sent.

Btw, this is only relevant to user creation, and not to provider creation (which requires a person to be created first). Remember, you don’t need a user to create a provider (you need a person). Of course to create a system user, you have to also create a provider :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa have you heard of any such reported issue?

I also see errors for “PersonFormController - No concept death cause found” - While this has got nothing to do with the user creation, have you tried setting the causeofDeath (global property: concept.causeOfDeath) to a valid “concept id” ? Also try rebuilding the “search index”.