Error while creating OWA project

I am trying to create an OWA project using the following commmand < mvn openmrs-sdk:create-project -Dtype=owa-project> but I get errors which I don’t know how to handle. Please see the whole log here: link - @sharif , @gcliff , @jwnasambu , @gracebish , @dkayiwa and anyone else please advise . By the way I have endeavored to search for the solution from the questions and answers posted earlier on the talk but I could not get a solution.

Which link are you following

@herbert24 This is the link: OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Sorry for this, The easiest way to create basic owa app skeleton is to use yeoman generator Feel free to follow [the procedures given @openmrs/generator-openmrs-owa - npm and here. it will make your life easy since sdk will need some indepth setup

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@settix Have you installed Node.js?

@sharif Let me follow the procedure. I will give you a feed back.

Yes I have.

@settix Follow the link by @sharif.

@gracebish Thanks. I have embarked on the journey.

I would discourage you from investing time in a technology that we are deprecating. A better use of your time would be trying out our new frontend framework.

Take a look at the OpenMRS Technology Radar guide.


@dkayiwa Thank you so much in deed for giving me the good news. Actually, I was not aware that such technologies were being deprecated, but I was just following the step-by-step instructions as outlined in the get started as a developer. And probably , my fellow beginners have been victimized. I think the developers guide needs to be updated in order to match with the current technologies. Otherwise, thank you so much for saving my precious time.

You raise a very good point man!!! @gracebish food for thought for the documentation team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dkayiwa. I will surely follow up.

cc @grace @jennifer