Error while building Data Set Definition

I am using Openmrs 2.3.2 on ubuntu operating. I am trying to create reports but i get an error when i create dataset definition. I was getting an error also from the previous 2.0.6

version i was using.

Use the latest versions of the reporting and serialization modules.

I have upload latest version of reporting module but i get an error trying to run it. Reporting module error1 -

what happens when you re-start your computer hoping serialization module is the latest version

Yes the serialization module is the latest one. I have restarted Data set definition runs the first but does not produce any results. Then after removing this variable “NACPNO” it produces an error.

Can you just reproduce it here?

If I do that I wont be able to use it in my production environment.

But it would help us troubleshoot the problem you are facing. :slight_smile:

Ok. I got an error from the demo openmrs also trying to run data set definition

Can you share the exact link on the demo server where you get that error?

I got an error running Simple patient dataset.

@jerome24 i do not seem to see any entries for the simple patient dataset.

I have run simple patient dataset and it has produces data. But it does not produce data on openmrs on my computer.

Are the datasets exactly the same? Which versions of the reporting and serialization modules are you running on your local instance?

The dataset are the same “Simple patient dataset”. I am using openmrs version 2.3.2, reporting module 1.21.0 and serialization xstream 0.2.14 on my local instance.

What error do u get for that simple patient dataset?

This is the error i get for a simple patient dataset.

have you seen this line in your logs (Unknown property ‘Given_name’ on class ‘class org.openmrs.Patient_$$_jvst673_2c’ )??

Yes I have seen it but i don’t what it means.

@jerome24 the dataset definition that you created on the demo server is different from the one that you have on your local instance.