Error when running unit test: Failed to load ApplicationContext


I am getting errors when running a basic unit test in a test class that extends the BaseModuleContextSensitiveTest class. Here’s the error log

Here’e the code

public class IsantePlusReportsDaoTest extends BaseModuleContextSensitiveTest {
	public void saveItem_shouldSaveAllPropertiesInDb() {

I need help to figure out the source of the issue. I seem to be at my wits’ end.

cc @dkayiwa @ssmusoke

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Add some more (those that you do not already have) dependencies of the serialization api. (serialization.xstream-api-1.9, serialization.xstream-api-1.10, serialization.xstream-api-2.0)


Hey @moshon if you ever resolved this, can you please share the pom.xml section for the serialization.xstream-api dependency, having a slightly similar problem with reporting-api which depends on the xstream-api.

@samprogramiz hei what could be the exact problem you are facing

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@herbert24 You can get more information here: BaseModuleContextSensitiveTest Tests Fail: