Error when manually creating a quotation or sale order in OpenERP

Hello everyone, i’am a new user of Bahmni, and i’m facing some problems. Mainly with OpenERP. When an invoice comes from Bahmni, it creates a quotation or a sale order very well. But when i try to create a quotation or a sale order directly from OpenERP, i get the following error : "Uncaught Error :

"2017-04-03 04:58:29+01:00" is not a correct date, nor timestamp, nor hour. http://ipaddress:8069/web/webclient/js:3118

I thought it was a timezone error, i changed it, but the problem remains. I’m using bahmni version 0.88 on CentOS 6.8 64 bits.

I don’t know how to solve it. Thanks for the help.

Hi @soopafly

I have Bahmni 0.88 version but have been able to create a quotation successfully. Please can you share the logs. Can you also check the timezone setting on Postgres and see if it matches the ERP timezone setting.

Thanks @vmalini for the concern. I finaly solved this issue. In fact it was because of the timezone. i disabled it in OpenERP preferences and it was OK.