Error "there was an expecting issue with the server"

Hi, please i really do not understand what is going on with the server. I edit the app.json in the registration path, i just edit the display order for the patient which gave this error below and i put it back still giving me this error. Now i really do not know, when i access the registration page it gives me this error

Thank you

Oh sorry! @jess did you forget to share the error you are getting?

@jwnasambu when i go to registration i get the error displayed in screenshot, the only that i have done is to write them wrong the displayed order for the patient name but i put them back correctly unfortunately still getting that error. Seriously i do not understand

  1. Could you share your app.json modified one!
  2. Could you try to do deep refresh for your browser?
  3. and could you check if openMRS service is running on back-end side if so we might need to restart the service first share your json configuration and we confirm other steps later?

@jeremie.ukudwa sorry for the delay now it is working fine.