error saving condition is being shown

I changed default locale to en but still error message is being shown. And demo page is no problem saving condition. What am I next to do?

@david58 Oh sorry! kindly share the error log in your terminal using paste bin.

@david58 are you able to reproduce it at?

Yes, there is no problem at [ ]

I want but I have no idea how can I do.

What happens when you clear your browser cache and try again?

I did clear my browser cache but still cannot save condition

Am failing to reproduce it from my side and am thinking this could be associated with the browser cache. What happens when you use a different browser?

@david58 kindly, did you forget to share the error in the terminal?

It’s the same even when I use different browser.

I don’t knwo how to do.

Oh sorry! On which instance and version is the error occurring? besides, are you able to share the error logs in the terminal using pastebin?