Error Saving Condition in RA

I am trying to use the conditions widget to add a new condition for the patient in RA…however I keep on getting the toast error of “error saving condition”.I have tried conditions like malaria,DM but no luck.The error message isn’t elaborate on what I could be missing…tested on my local installation and wonder what am missing…Thanx in advance. @dkayiwa @mozzy

which version of Reff app are you running , specifically the Core version and Coreapps version ??

@mozzy does this matter for the demo too?

which demo are you using ??

Are using this ??
At that time the Condition List feature was so incomplete,

You can try try this

However there are some updates i must do into the ref app distro to have the ConditionList Function properly

This one here…

Kindly send me a link also to download the latest version of the Ref App…

you can just use the sdk to get the latest snapsort Version

True…but I would like to just download the standalone