error OpenMRS dependency Installer

I am emailing you today as I am trying to setup my Eclipse IDE. I have been following the instructions step by step on this link:

I am currently on Step 5.

I am getting an error when trying to use the OpenMRS Dependency Installer

Hello @minutesperbeat, did you try reinstalling using the installer, just in case it was a network issue? If the issue persists, then you may skip this installation with the openmrs dependency installer for now because its a tool that’s not actively maintained. You may however do some separate configurations manually that would amount to the same effect as with the installer. You could have also come across this link that is quite helpful. Plus you may need this test case plugin tool which comes in handy with great amounts of code. Glad you are progressing.

Can you instead use the OpenMRS SDK?

Should I be using this as a developer? Or should I be following the Getting Started as a Developer guide (which is what I am currently doing)?

If the Getting Started as a Developer guide does not mention the OpenMRS SDK, then it should be updated to include it.

It does, I simply missed that step. My bad entirely.