Error on build OpenElis

you can download it from our CI server . Look inside “deployables” directory!

However, this might not solve your problem! As I explained above we run each service runnable with embedded tomcat.

Ok I login as Guest thanks

Not able to find as guest user.Can you please redirect me to that location

well, I can access as guest. Once you have logged in as guest, try and put the link again and see!

@angshuonline I tried several time but not able to run the openElis bahmni modified version.Can you please help me out how I can able to make this code runnable on tomcat with modification.I am thinking to clone this code and changed to make it runnable on tomcat.Does this make sense.Please provide some suggestion on this.

I will not have anytime for the next couple of weeks at all. I doubt the same with the other core members as all of us are busy with the next release.

As I said, we just run tomcat as embedded service! If we need to replicate your scenario we need to trace few things

  • building war (and another zip file) on windows (none of us have windows, we will probably have to use a windows virtual machine from somewhere). Cloning the codebase will not help you unless you can get it to compile on windows, isn’t it?
  • deploying the war file within a running tomcat and ensuring the properties are set accordingly (check here on how to do this using ‘setenv’ (setenv.bat in windows).
  • ensure that all the migrations are run. I think, in another thread I mentioned where to take a cue for this.
  • note: in the “rpm” way of building we mention the dependencies (e.g. postgresql) - I am considering that you will install such dependencies either manually or use a windows installer.

As you can notice, there is quite a bit of investigative work that we need to do. unfortunately the timing is not great.

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If you are on Windows, for some reason, you need to change the executable from “compass” to “compass.bat” in build.xml. See here for kind of an explanation…