ERROR message at the end after executing mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run command.

Hello community,Am following OpenMRS SDK to create a Referance applicatio module but am getting this error message at the end of the download after executing mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run command,some body with an idea of how I can go about it Thanks:innocent:

Have you setup a server to use?

There is this line There is no servers available in your error message. The run goal tries to run a server. If you don’t have any servers setup, it’s only logical that it fails.

Thanks @ivange94:thumbsup:for responding However,am still stack.I went to command line and used this commands ie first I tried openmrs-sdk:setup,then %userprofile%\openmrs but both have not worked,that is in the process of setting servers as directed on sdk page to try what you told me.AM I doing it the wrong way?THANKS once again.

What’s that?

I got it from this statement,

Setting up servers

The openmrs-sdk:setup command allows you to easily create instances of servers running OpenMRS. You can have as many servers on your machine as you wish. They are stored in ~/openmrs (Linux/Mac) or %userprofile%\openmrs (Windows).:confused:. I tried it,thinking it can help me set a server.

How are servers set?

This is not a command. It’s the location where servers are stored. To setup a server what you need is mvn openmrs-sdk:setup

Great,Thanks bro.I will try that