Error loading modules for openmrs

I have successfully setup the application. However, whenever I am trying to load any module into the application (idgen, html-form-entry), I get following issues.

Could anyone please help me with this.

Hi, can you specify which version of core you’ve set-up and have you set it up using the OpenMRS-SDK?

@ravi991 is your interest here in developing OpenMRS or deploying it? If the latter, I would recommend checking out the 2.3.0 tag of the platform, which is the latest release, rather than the master branch which is the development version and may not be ready for prime-time. If you are deploying modules against the latest master branch, you should be checking out the master branches of the modules you wish to deploy and deploying the latest SNAPSHOT versions of them.

If you run across this issue when using only copies from the master branches of the modules and core, then those are bigs and should be opened as issues for the appropriate projects in Jira.

In general, we can’t make any guarantee that released versions of modules will run on development versions of core. Again, if you’re only interested in running a version of OpenMRS, I would recommend setting up core 2.3.0 and deploying modules against that.

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@ravi991 hope the issue got fixed

hello @ibacher!

i would like to know the difference between Developing OpenMRS and Deploying OpenMRS?

could you search for the difference between deploying and developing software!!

The difference between being a developer versus being an implementer. I.e., is the point to get a running instance of OpenMRS or to add new functionality to an OpenMRS piece.