Error Installing Patient matching module.

Question: Hello, I downloaded the patient matching module source code from git hub generated the omod file from it but when i installed and run the module on jetty server it crashed with errror message openmrs is not able to start. I try restarting the server but it still not working i need some workaround on how to fix it.

The Error I obtain is here

This is caused by the fact that this module does not yet support platform 2.x You could run it on an older platform version or create a ticket to add support for platform 2.x

@dkayiwa I have created a ticket for it but i will need your help to give a description for it and if possible i start working on it. Thanks

What is the ticket number?

Ticket number is PTM-81 here is the link

@harisu on the ticket, i have attached a fixed version of the module for you to test and see if all is well.

@dkayiwa All is well now Thanks and sorry for the late response had issues with internet in our region