Error editing locations in OpenMRS


I’m having a problem in OpenMRS in Administration> Location.

Everytime i try to edit a location the system tells me that i have to fill up the stade, adress and city/village fields, even though it doesn’t show that is required, but even if i fill up this fields the error still shows and i’m unable to edit the locations.

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much.

This should help you resolve the issue., From Manage Address Hierarchy, Mark all the required to No,and then head to head to Edit locations and then later head back to Manage Address Hierarchy to change the required to Yes… Thanks

@cimsoft2 are you still getting blocked with this suggestion?

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@herbert24, on my running server, 0.92-155, i was getting this cahllenge and i had to look for a solution which @angshuonline recommended on this very platform. @cimsoft2 ,the issue should be resolved. Thanks

Thank you very much it worked