Error during compilation of bahmni-core

Hi people!!!, I am facing some problems while building bahmni-core.I have made some modifications to the openmrs core api. I was able to build the openmrs core api. Bahmni-core uses openmrs-api as a maven dependency. But the openmrs-api.jar that it uses does not have any of my changes. So I changed this particular dependency : to

org.openmrs.api openmrs-api 2.1.x system /home/somedir/openmrs-api.jar

When I changed it to the above I could see my openmrs-api.jar as a maven dependency. After this when I try to build bahmni-core I get the following error:

But the error says org.hibernate Package does not exist. But I still can see the hibernate.jar in my maven dependencies and even eclipse does not throw an error when importing classes from the hibernate package. If I revert my openmrs-api.jar to the original one in the pom.xml file it compiles without any problems. What am I doing wrong? Thanks…!!

well, you need to ensure that the snapshot version of openmrs-api is getting used. If you do a “mvn install” it will otherwise just pull in the released api.