Error during closing writer or stream

I keep seeing this error in the tomcat logs. I still see the pages fine, however it just feel disturbing. It is clear that the I/O is closed from the logs, like trying to write to a response that has already been sent, but in this case like I said the pages are displayed just fine.

I have been ignoring this for a while but because it keeps showing up I kinda lost it. I was hoping someone could shed some light as to why it is happening. Or maybe even fix it going forward.

I am getting this running standalone of platform 2.1.4 with only legacyui module installed.

Which url should i access to reproduce this?

Mostly all URLs lead to this error being logged. I am not sure if there are any that don’t have this problem.

I have so far failed to reproduce it on the snapshot version of the OpenMRS platform with the latest legacyui module installed. I also failed to reproduce it on the standalone version of the reference application version 2.9.0

It is probably a tomcat issue then. I am a bit tied up but if I get a chance I will investigate further.