Error "docker connecting to the server "

This is the screenshot of the error . im kindly requesting for help thank u

Oh sorry! have you already installed a docker container?

Yes I have. I’ve connected MySQL to that container too

Could you share the terminal on the pastebin here?

those are the screen shots of the commands ive used from the openmrs sdk documentation The last screen shot is the one with that error . I,m really stack cz everything has been installed. thanks alot for ur help.

@jwnasambu could you be knowing someone using Windows 11 to help @lindaayebale7 setup her development environment.

I remember it wasn’t much painful setting up the SDK. The problem always came with the OMRS not recognising modules.
I personally just installed mysql 8.0, started it with mysql -u root -v finalised with mvn openmrs-sdk:setup

cc @dkayiwa @kdaud @ibacher @irenyak1 @deb

@lindaayebale7 kindly follow this openMRS link Set Up OpenMRS Server with OpenMRS SDK and Docker - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki then you will let us know after running those commands

Seems like this was a change in where the Docker URL is found. I was putting together a new release of the SDK, so I’ll try to include a fix for that. However, if anyone has a Windows computer and is willing to test out a pre-release version, please let me know. I don’t have a Windows machine myself to confirm whether or not things work as expected.

@gracebish would have been of help but its unfortunate her Pc broke down. @lindaayebale7 do you mind grabbing the opportunity @ibacher is offering for testing a new sdk release using a windows machine? don’t fear we can pair up during the weekend.

Ya it’s very fine with me . Thanks alot . Jxt tell me when and where we can meet And I’ll be there . Thanks

Ok . Let do it . Thanks

Hi I have a windows machine n I’m willing for u to check out the sdk using my machine

@lindaayebale7 we first have to confirm with @ibacher if the pre-release sdk version will be out before Sunday then I communicate to other members with windows machine who can be part of your team. Mean while I will come come up with a test result template.

@chistine I always admire the way you carry out the openmrs tests. Kindly if you don’t mind guide us how we should go about this process and the template to be used. Kindly am so sorry I should have asked you before.

Alright then

Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to have this ready until I can fix the SDK build…

@jnsereko, @ibacher and @christine I can confidently report that we don’t need an SDK manual testing on windows OS for maintenance release that @ibacher is working on after having a 2hrs on-boarding session with the team. Looking at everyone’s error, it was related to the wrong software versions installed. Its for this reason I request the release process to continue as planned before and as culture any bug faced to be reported on the issue tracker.