Error converting class org.openmrs.FormResource to

Getting following error when trying to retrieve an Arabic Language form:

Error converting class org.openmrs.FormResource to

This happened after I ran the search index and re-deployed the application.

I think it might be related to the database not supporting Arabic Encoding. @darius @dkayiwa does the OpenMRS back end support Arabic encoding? most of our Arabic concepts work, but certain arabic concepts break. Why might this be? I notice the database is in UTF-8…

I think there is a related error. When I try to save an arabic concept in the database, I get the following:

cc @ajashri, @binduak

Can you create the same concept in arabic in demo?

@angshuonline Yes, the concept gets created after I refresh. But I don’t think it is encoded properly. Because I get an error on the front end related to serializing the form:

@angshuonline I think this is related to UTF encoding.

Am I on the right track by assuming this?