Error Accesssing Concept Management Page on Standalone Reference Application 2.6.1

I downloaded the standalone reference application, start it and login successfully. Unfortunately the concept manage page is not found (HTTP 404). Since the path [http://localhost:8081/openmrs-standalone/owa/conceptdictionary/index.html] contained “owa” I figured it must be the OWA concept management module missing.

I checked the OWA management page by following "System Administration"->"Advanced Administration"->Open Web apps (Manage Apps) Indeed there was no app installed. I went ahead and downloaded the Concept Dictionary OWA module, however trying to upload it throws an error “App is not a zip archive” with the console saying something else as shown in the screenshot below.

To reproduce the problem: On fresh installation of standalone version 2.6.1 reference application go to `“Configure Metadata” -> “Manage Concept Dictionary”.

Update On examining the server log (see pastebin) it seems the zip file is being up uploaded and unzipped.

It turns out the default value App Folder Path configuration parameter accessed by following "System Administration"->"Advanced Administration"->Open Web apps (Settings) is set in way that valid or intended to be interpreted correctly by Windows based systems. The value was appdata\owa, changing to appdata/owa solved the problem.