Error accessing the Bahmni services

I’m installing Bahmni according to the steps mentioned on wiki; however, sometimes I get error on installing postgresql, and all times, I get error accessing the services “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” . When trying using yum method, I get “no openmrs package available”

I’m using CentOS minimal (6.6 or 6.7) on VM on Mac.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for al support.

Which steps from the WIKI did you use to install?

If you are installing Bahmni on a CentOS VM on your mac, then you need to use these steps:

Also, can you check if selinux is disabled / firewall (iptables) is disabled to confirm that certain port access to the internet isn’t blocked from your VM?

Thanks. Yes that’s what I followed:

It worker fine. Again, thank you.

Welcome. Glad to know it worked fine. : )

Regards Gurpreet