Environment set up

Choose the server you created.

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yes i have choose the server i created but after choosing the server here pop up message Capture help me out

Kindly click cancel

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@jwnasambu @kdaud Thank you for directing me, finally the OpenMRS run successfully.

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@jwnasambu we can kindly meet here https://meet.google.com/qyu-xvni-svo Thank you

Kindly what is the problem?

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i need some guideline on opening up my first module

Kindly did you get a change of looking through this guide OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki?

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hello @jwnasambu i read through the document but i got an error when i run command: mvn clean install

here is the error detail :https://pastebin.com/ - Pastebin.com

Kindly check on the module name. You have this
Please specify module name (default: 'Webapplication'): Web Application instead of Webapplication as reflected in the default option.