ENOENT: no such file or directory in openmrs-contrib-qaframework

I am wondering why currently openmrs-contrib-qaframework is not able to read files from package.json These are the error logs if I tried to run any random test. All the tests are failing locally :thinking: cc @dkayiwa @kdaud @sharif @jonathan @mherman22 @jwnasambu @ibacher

Checkout the steps on how to run BDD tests locally at QA Framework: Technical documentation (Cucumber-Selenium & Cucumber-Cypress Set up) - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

How are you running this module.

@ndacyayisenga , Npm run is not able to pick up the package.json file because you have triggered it in the wrong directory location. Please cd into qaframework-bdd-tests directory and trigger npm run again. It should work out right.

@ndacyayisenga According to your errors …u didn’t navigate to the qaframework-bdd-tests Folder to run the tests …with npm otherwise happy holidays



something that in your terminal will sort out the issue then

ubuntu@jonathan:~/Desktop/openmrs-contrib-qaframework/qaframework-bdd-tests$ npm run


@kdaud @sharif @mherman22 @jonathan I kinda did the right the way but I still run into these logs It looks like the chrome drivers are not compatible yet I updated them.

Get a chromedriver that supports chrome version 96.0.4664.110

Put it under src/test/resources/chromedriver/<linux/mac>/chromedriver


You need to download a chrome driver that is compatible with the chrome browser your running on your machine. According to the logs you shared, you downloaded a driver with version 90 yet the browser running on your machine is version 96.

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