Enhancement for OpenMRS android client

Hello everyone, I want to suggest an enhancement for android-client. In current version of application if user want to download data for multiple patient, he have to click on download checkbox and then wait for download completion and then he again have to click on another checkbox, again have to wait for completion. He can’t download multiple patient data in one go. I think we should first let the user choose the patients and then download all their data, just using one single button click. This is similar to select all and delete option in android apps. Please discuss and give your feedback, suggestion. Thanks

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@shivtej Sounds like a good idea for a new feature. Doesn’t sound too hard either.

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@shivtej It’s a good idea, you can create a new ticket for it, categorize it as ‘New Feature’ rather than ‘Bug’. You can start working on it. It is improving the app in a way, it will be made ready to work by @raff or @avijitghosh82 in some time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! @bholagabbar, @brainbreaker Soon I’ll create an issue and start working on it. :smiley:

Remember to add a link back here so people can find out where the work is happening. :slight_smile:

Created issue in JIRA, here is the link:

Readied for work.

Be mindful of the UI though, I think long press for multiple selections is the way to go, given that I recently converted the checkboxes to buttons. Do a pull once if you haven’t seen the change. :slight_smile: