English short names displayed when you login into bahmni using locale ru

Hi Bahmni Team, @bharatak @maheshonopenmrs @darius @mseaton

We’ve been working on translating bahmni for endTB. However there are some bugs that we noticed.

The patient contact details are configured in openmrs under Person Attribute Management. Since these are not concepts. How would I go ahead configuring these so that they reflect the Russian language when some one logs into the system using locale ru? I don’t want to create new attributes in the Russian language because this will affect the exports(Reports).

Also, Is it possible to have translation labels for all the json attributes that need to be translated? I will point out a few examples: {code} “bahmni_patient_registration_next”: { “id”: “bahmni.patient.registration.next”, “extensionPointId”: “org.bahmni.registration.patient.next”, “type”: “config”, “extensionParams”: { “display”: “Treatment Registration”, # # this should have a translation label ## “shortcutKey”: “r”, “forwardUrl”: “…/clinical/#/default/patient/{{patientUuid}}/consultationContext” }, {code}

{code} “patientContext”: { “programAttributes”: [ “Registration Number”, # This should be a translation label “Registration Facility” # This is be a translation label ], {code}

There are alot of json attributes that need to be translated. Appreciate your work on fixing this.

@jmbabazi The json files will generally be configured to the actual attribute names and not the TRANSLATION KEYs.

Currently in Bahmni, we do not support internationalization of Patient Attributes and Program Attributes. We have a plan to fix it in our roadmap. I am not sure about the timeline though. Thank you.