EncounterSearchCriteria is working in legacyui module but not in coreapps

Hi, I am trying to use following code used to generate report under “view quick reports” which is working fine in legacyui module but when I am using same it in page of “coreapps” module to generate report it points to same file but, 1st with path of package (org.openmrs.parameter.encounterSearchCriteria ) , 2nd with complete path : api/src/main/java/org/openmrs/parameter 3rd to a class file : of jar file in .m2 folder

EncounterSearchCriteria encounterSearchCriteria = new EncounterSearchCriteriaBuilder() .setIncludeVoided(true) .setFromDate(start) .setToDate(end) .createEncounterSearchCriteria(); encounters = es.getEncounters(encounterSearchCriteria);

Same for EncounterSearchCriteriaBuilder.

Any one has any idea? Is it related to POM file with duplicate dependencies ?



I think you’re saying there are multiple classes named EncounterSearchCriteria, is that right?

Searching on github I see there are some in various modules: https://github.com/search?utf8=✓&q="public+class+EncounterSearchCriteriaBuilder"&type=Code Do you have more than one of these installed?