Enable the Order Entry UI module for Doctor user role

Hello All,

I’m trying to use the Order Entry module on Windows 10, Tomcat 7.0.107. I’m able to access the module using the admin credentials (User: admin, Password: Admin123) image

When I try to access the same using the doctor credentials (User: doctor, Password: Doctor123), i get this: image

I tried creating roles and privileges for this app (App: coreapps.dispensedMedication) and assigned them to the Organizational: Doctor.

Does anyone know how to enable this for other roles (doctor, nurse) than admin?

Sorry about this, hope you are following this OrderEntryUi page, i think if you have enabled doctors privileges upon loggingin(when doctor is logging in the system ), the doctor should be able to provide all the medications and drugorders unless you have more privileges you want for the doctor