EMRAPI support for OpenMRS 2.1.0

Hi We are upgrading Bahmni to use OpenMRS 2.1.0 and need emrapi to support it. So, 1.21 release of emrapi will have that support. Can you please let us know if that is fine for everyone? Do you see any issues/concerns that we should be aware of?

We have raised a ticket for the same https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/EA-120.

Inviting some core devs of emr api @mogoodrich @raff @dkayiwa

There should be no issues with that. Go ahead and do it.

Yes go ahead!

I’m fine with it… I’m not too familiar yet with the 2.0 components as we are still running OpenMRS 1.10.x in our system. But as long as there are no backward incompatibilities we should be fine. If you think there may be backward incompatibilities, just let me know and I can look into them in detail to see if they will affect us.

Take care, Mark