Editing service in AppointmentScheduling

While editing the service availability, global save is not working. So any change that we made is not getting saved until unless we check the tick mark over there.

Hi Vineela,

This is how the behavior is. As long as you see right and cross marks on the right side, it means the object is still in edit mode. You need to select it as done (the right mark) once you are done editing and then click on ‘Save’ option on top of the page.

@pramidat If we have some multiple times in edit mode, should we have to check all the tick marks? Shouldn’t it be like the global save update all the changes.

As of now, Yes, for each row

  • You need to edit
  • Confirm by clicking on tick mark
  • Then click on global save

This will also avoid human mistakes of clicking something by mistake and saving. If there is any better idea of achieving the above, we can think of it. @angshuonline any ideas?

We can auto-validate, but question is how do we know “when”?