Edit Docker compose configurations Files

@dkayiwa am trying to fix a configuration issue as per TRUNK-5989 ticket requirement but am blocked on the way forward. I want to change this file , this file , this file , this file and this file . Which are Docker configurations for the various OCL environments.


- OCL_API_HOST=${OCL_API_HOST:-https://api.openconceptlab.org/}

To :

- OCL_API_HOST=${OCL_API_HOST:-https://api.openconceptlab.org} 

to remove the trailing slash. I have failed to import the project on eclipse IDE after cloning. Kindly, how can I go about it or its only the infrastructure team who can update the Docker compose configuration files?

I don’t use eclipse or anything fancy to edit those files. VI, atom, sublime, visual code, notepad, any text editor works.

Create the PR, add me as the reviewer and I can deploy. I recommend making non-prod changes in a different PR to prod, so we can merge and deploy them independently.

Thanks @cintiadr for your response. Am using Visual Code and am in the process of making a PR. Your response means a lot to me since its my first time but it was worthy my time.