Drug Orders from doctor in openmrs not showing in openerp sales quotations

When doctor gives drug orders, they do not go to openerp. Also the new patient doesn’t show in customers. What would be the issue.

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Can you please provide the following information:

  1. Are you running on Vagrant box, or vanilla centos.
  2. Which version of Bahmni (yum list installed | grep bahmni) ?
  3. Is openerp connect service installed and running? sudo service bahmni-erp-connect status

Also as @gsluthra mentioned we need more information to understand the problem and help you fix it. Please have a look at Tips to ask question.

please refer steps to troubleshoot the problem

Gurpreet, Thanks for your feedback. I am running .82 bahmni on vagrant box. openerp connect was not running.

Will i have to start it each time independently?Great. Now openmrs is has send orders to openerp. I can see it under sales quotations. However, I don’t see the patient’s name under sales > customers. The name doesn’t appear here.

Loving Bahmni.

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Please run chkconfig bahmni-erp-connect on.

After this you wouldn’t need to start it independently.

The database you are using is demo database which has some inconsistency. That’s why you might not see the patient with correct name in OpenERP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Workaround to solve this issue is to update the next_sequence_value in idgen_seq_id_gen table to some longer value. Example: update idgen_seq_id_gen set next_sequence_value=290000;