Drawing Module for Bahmni Clinical Create Patient

Hello. Can someone tell me the steps I need to do to add drawing module or sketchpad for bahmni in the create patient page. I want to add it because I think doctors want to write notes manually than typing it in a keyboard. I know that openmrs has this module and I already installed it. Problem is it doesn’t support touch function or stylus function which is needed when using a tablet. please help me. Thanks

Which module and version did you try? Also, which browser(s) and device(s) did you try? Even Chrome which has touch support does not necessarily have it enabled by default (it’s experimental), and without it enabled it may not work even with additional work on supporting it in the module. If you’re still interested in this feature and can provide testing, please reply with additional information.

Also, verifying the browser(s) and device(s) you expect to see working do work with the MDN touch events sample could be helpful. If it doesn’t work with that sample, the browser may need those experimental flags enabled, or some other additional work.

Not sure about the registration main page, but on second page, you can attach a Forms2 form, and if you create a custom control - you can achieve such functionality. I can imagine such data being stored in some obs value for a concept type complex with a special handler.

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