download openmrs software

how I can dowload open mrs software to my laptop?

Next time, please do a simple Google search prior to asking simple questions such as this.

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thank you for the reply . i did google search and I tried so many times and it didnt work. thats why I asked this question.

Thanks @kasuri1992 for making us aware that it was difficult to find the download link. Since you weren’t able to find it, I would take that as good feedback that we need to make the download page/link more easily found and accessible to folks new to OpenMRS. I really appreciate the input about this, since we are just embarking on a new website redesign project.

Welcome to the community! I encourage you to ask any questions you need to in order to get the help you need. :slight_smile:


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thank you for the reply. Please help me to download the software because I’m going to make one software to include the patient details (EHR system).

Kasuri, please explain what problem you are having downloading OpenMRS.

Robby provided a link to our downloads page in his post. Is this not working for you?

-Darius (by phone)

I download and I install the software then I tried to open it ,but it didn’t open. I downloaded all the software which required to open mrs and install it. but still it is not responding to my lap top. Can you give me some of suggestions to open it?

Which version of OpenMRS you downloaded? What is the java version you are using? Is this a Standalone?

I do not believe that it’s hard to find the download links…as a simple Google search discovers the download page. I will, however, say that it’s not clear what immediately which to download for what…that’s about it.

standalone java version Java Runtime Environment and Java 8 I used. I used this software to ope MRS (Platform 2.0.5 Standalone Edition)

okay I will try back again .

@kasuri1992 you’ll want to grab the Reference Application Standalone, first link here.

Also, what error(s) are you getting?