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Hello everyone. I am David Tremain, and have worked in the field of computers since the mid-1970s (old). I am working with the good folks of SIM and their version of OpenMRS for the ELWA hospital in Liberia. Unfortunately, I have only a tiny exposure to Linux, so its like I’m trying to adapt from a left-drive verhicle with an automatic transmission and a steering wheel to one that uses a tiller, has a manual transmission, and is right-hand drive. Hopefully folks here can guide me through the unfamiliarities of linux and web-based software. And also, I can hopefully be of use to the project. Looking forward to interaction with you. David

Hi @dotremain welcome to openmrs, if you would like to develop or run openmrs, you may want to look at THIS OR THIS.

However OpenMRS is able to run on windows, Mac os or Linux and the documentation is clear enough to guide you while using any of the platforms on these O.S. There are devs here who run and develop Openmrs on Linux systems and may be resourceful when in need.

Creating a topic like this can make it easy for you to be helped, hope that sets you at ease :grinning:

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I’m working with SIM and the ELWA Hospital project, so I want to set up my copy of openMRS to mirror theirs as closely as possible. I’m not a Linux guy, but that’s what they’re using… I was finally able to get the standalone version of openMRS running on a VirtualBox VM.

Have you looked at this link?