Does RefApp 2.9 Breaking on Module watch imply a Bug ?

Hello Folks , has anyone persistently had a break in Coreapps as a watched module during development Ref( RA-452) ?

How to reproduce the error.

1.Setup server

2.Watch module e.g coreapps

3.Register patient

4.Search and look at patient


Is the appointment module running for your case? if that is NOT up and running in your distro, may lead to that error

@ningosi Thanks alot , yes i had it earlier not running and “restarted all” modules , unwatched coreapps but problem persisted.Let me however check again to be sure.

@ningosi with all done , problem persists , i’m thinking it’s a bug. May want to explore the log.openmrs.txt (683.1 KB)

Could you check the clinicianfacing/patients class its ui configurations may have caused the exceptions. Runtime exceptions normally occur due to programming errors. check your UI configurations , clinicianfacing controllers and the corresponding classes.

@sharif like how ?

check your class, check the controller if it has controller because am seeing the log errors seems to be indicating its where error may have been arose from