Documentation: Reviewing new project pages!

Last month, @bstuder99 worked with the Documentation Team to come up with a new Project Page template. He’s been getting feedback on the template from the FHIR Squad and working with @grace and @bistenes to use this new template to improve the Frontend Squad project page (especially now that we have @bistenes’s fabulous Frontend Dev Guide).

A few squads and teams are now using the new template to update their project pages:

It would be great to use our Documentation Team time to review the updated project pages and get feedback from others.

@eddjomo @christine and @hadijah315 will you be ready to showcase your work this week or next?

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Quality Assurance Team will be glad to showcase their work and perhaps get feedback from others to improve our Getting Started Guide. cc: @christine

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Great @kdaud! Let’s start with showcasing the QA Support Team’s new Project Page.

@bstuder99 and I can share where we are in terms of coming up with guidance or a template for Getting Started Guides (which is the next place a newcomer might go from a team’s main Project Page).

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Yes the documentation team is ready to showcase what we have worked on and get any comments/ suggestions from the rest of the team cc. @kaylinbracey